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Bailey's Terms Of Use and Policies


Bailey’s Investigative Services are restricted to legitimate businesses that have appropriate business needs for the information. All approved subscribers have been carefully screened and qualified under the company's enrollment process. 

The company does not provide its services to consumers. The company does not collect or compile information on particular persons or subjects. The information available through the online services has been obtained from public sources or publicly available sources. 

Bailey’s Investigative Services maintains strict standards regarding its customer base, access to the information and the management of its databases. The company makes every effort, through its policies and procedures, to provide information that is current, accurate and is being used for appropriate purposes. 


For additional information on your rights under the FCRA, please refer to the FTC’s web site at http://www.ftc.gov

Bailey’s Investigative Services obtains its information from public sources, such as courts, police departments, sheriff’s offices, Motor Vehicle Departments and other state and local agencies. We attempt to report accurate information, though we rely on these public sources to maintain accurate records for this purpose. 

We maintain strict standards on our collection, use and distribution of information. We do not sell or provide access to information about our customers, the inquiries that they may make or the individuals that they request information about. All transactions through our web site and systems are kept strictly confidential. 

Privacy Statement for People Locator Services

The Individual Reference Services Group (IRSG) has developed a set of industry principles governing the collection, use, and distribution of personally identifiable information in individual reference services or people locator information products. The Federal Trade Commission has reported to Congress that this industry self-regulatory approach is acceptable and forestalls the need for new legislation regulating these products and services. 

Our people locator information products currently offered are: 

  • SSN Verification 
  • Nationwide People Lookup 

The information practices employed in connection with the people locator information products are designed to permit access to this information to legitimate users with an appropriate need for such information. 

Subscribers that may use people locator information products consist primarily of law enforcement agencies, state licensed professionals, corporations, and government officials. They use information from the people locator information products variety of needs including identifying, verifying, and locating parties to litigation, heirs, witnesses, wanted subjects and applicants for employment. BOSS does not distribute its people locator information products to the general public. 

Upon reasonable request, Bailey’s Investigative Services will provide an individual with a copy of the information about themselves contained in the people locator information products. 

There is a charge of $13.00 for this service which must be included with the request for information. Please send the following information with an $13.00 check or money order to the above address when requesting copies of records about yourself: 

  • Your Full Name 
  • Other Names you have used including maiden names, aliases or nicknames
  • Your complete Address including, City, State and Zip
  • OPTIONAL: Your Social Security number (providing your Social Security number will enhance the ability to match your request to your information

In you have any questions about our policies, please Contact Us!

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