Sample Tenant Investigation Report


Tenant Screening Case Number: C2491 

John Renter

123 Cleveland St.

Akron, Ohio 11111

Single County/Civil Search

A check with the Medina County civil index in Medina, OH revealed 1 civil case naming John Tenant. John Tenant was named as a defendant in the following cases: 

Case Number 02-CIV-0999 was filed in Medina, OH on 3/19/2002. The case was for monies owed to James Landlord. It appears that James Landlord was a former landlord because an eviction notice was evidence in the complaint. The judgment was for James Landlord for $465.00.

Enclosed is a copy of the docket noting the charges and the judgment entry. A complete copy of this file can be obtained, upon your request.

Benefits of a Single City Civil Search

Shows previous financial judgments, evictions and garnishments.

Shows monies that are owed and financial instability.