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Bailey's Investigative  Services

We offer a wealth of investigative services to meet your needs.  You will find our team of committed investigators to be focused on presenting the solution that offers you the best possible resolution!

Our Services Include...

Insurance and Claim Providers Services

Our surveillance and background investigations have been the key factor in dissolving fraudulent claims. Some of our noted accomplishments are claimant investigations that have taken a $250,000.00 injury claim to a $20,000.00 settlement. We testified in a jury trial that awarded a claimant ZERO dollars, of a $125,000.00 claim. The activities we have obtained on video have included a claimant roofing, working in the pits at the race track and riding the roller coaster at an amusement park. We have followed claimants without detection from Akron, Ohio to the Adirondack Mountains in New York. We have performed surveillance on the same claimant for 5 straight days, without detection. We our skilled professionals and experts. 

Witness Locates, Interviews and Background Investigations

Our expertise in locating missing persons allows us to locate your witness quickly and affordably. We typical will locate a missing person in less than 48 hours. Our investigators are trained to interview witnesses. We will successful retrieve the facts and information that is crucial to your case. Background investigations can show witness credibility and we are thorough in retrieving documentation that can discredit a potential witness.

Divorce Investigations

If you are defending a divorce action, we are available for surveillance and record searches. Our investigator’s can conduct background investigations for child custody issues and employment searches for child support issues.

Child Custody Background Investigations

If the custody of children becomes a concern and issue, it can be critical to do a background investigation into the person’s that have contact with the children. We can investigate a driving record for DUI’s, excessive speed and suspensions. We look for a history of criminal activity including drug use and abuse. 

Child Support

If you are having issues that are not being resolved by your local child support enforcement agency, we can help. We can locate missing parents who refuse to meet their child support obligations. We can also assist in locating place of employment for wage garnishment.

Process Service

If you have one or fifty subpoenas, complaints, writ of replevin or other court documents that need to be personally serviced, we can handle it. Most service is performed within 24 hour of receiving the assignment. We also offer return service to the local court, if required. Our network of process services and investigator’s allows us to service documents Nationwide.

Courthouse Record Searches

If you need court documents searched, we can provide professional and thorough indexing in any court in the United States. Our experience with court documents assures that you get exactly what you need. We understand the importance of the complaint, all journal entries and case dispositions. We can provide this service Nationwide.

Asset Searches

If you have a civil claim or judgment it is important to know if the judgment or claim has value. We can perform various degrees of asset searches. We can look for property, the value of the property and mortgages and liens attached to it. We can research motor vehicle, airplane and boat ownership. Our diligence can find businesses and domain name ownership. We also look for liabilities such as federal and state tax liens.

Background Investigations

We examine each case and analysis the evidence that is crucial to your case. We are skilled and knowledgeable of the components of a court file. We can check records in locals courts, county courts, district courts, probate courts, federal courts and courts of appeals. We have knowledge of the public records law and our office subscribes to several databases that can assist in obtaining background information, nationwide. We can check driving records, perform motor vehicle searches, statewide, nationwide, county and federal civil and criminal record searches. We can also check for hospital patient records, licensing information, business information, worker’s compensation records and more. Our background investigations are thorough and can assist in witness credibility investigations, child custody investigations, claims investigations and business merger and acquisitions.

Undercover Investigations

If you should suspect the presence of a dishonest employee or a group of conspirators impacting your Assets, give us a call. Cumulative losses from employee theft can cause not only morale degradation, but also, cut deeply into your company’s ability to make a profit. We can also make an accurate assessment of area’s that can be strengthened and improved. We look for theft, as well as, drug use, sexual harassment and company loyalty.

Business Merger’s and Company Acquisitions Due Diligence & Research

If you are planning to acquire another company, through merging or purchase, it is critical to examine the company and person’s affiliated with that company. We perform a due diligence investigation that includes all civil and criminal records nationwide to determine assets, liabilities and integrity. We check for property records, newspaper articles and bankruptcies. The information we will return will give you the facts to make an educated decision. 

Mystery Shopping and Integrity Shopping Investigations

Do you really know what is happening in your business when you are not there? Our investigator’s become your customer’s and we watch EVERYTHING! We interact with your employees; we grade the service, cleanliness and attitude of your business and employees. We have knowledge of your expectations and we do random investigations to assure your business is functioning to your highest standards. Our investigator’s have knowledge of the restaurant business and will even look for blatant health department violations. Please note, that the law requires a licensed investigative firm only to do integrity shopping. If you are using an unlicensed shopper and reprimand an employee, their lack of credentials could be in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting and Privacy Act.

Trademark Infringement

We are bold enough to pull our cameras out anywhere. And, we have!!! We will investigate your concerns and assure that your trademark, registered name or logo is not being used without your consent. 

Covert Camera Installations

We can give you the opportunity to be a “Fly on the Wall”. Sometimes, it is the only solution in preventing theft and employee misconduct. We can offer several options for your covert camera needs and our technicians use their investigative skills to install the right equipment, giving you the best coverage possible. We also remain cognizant of the law which provides the recorded evidence essential if required. 

Worker’s Compensation Investigations

Worker’s Compensation fraud is big business. Our expertise in surveillance gives our clients the advantage to uncover fraud. We are diligent in our surveillance and background investigation efforts. In all our claims investigations, we look for additional evidence of past injuries, current employment and physical activities that are inconsistent with the reported injury. 

Disability Claims

Short term and long term disability investigations are our specialty. We understand what evidence is valuable to our clients. In all our claims investigations, we look for additional evidence of past injuries, current employment and physical activities that are inconsistent with the reported injury. 

Bodily Injury

Fraudulent bodily injury claims are filed in every court across the country every day. We are aggressive in our approach with surveillance and background investigations. In all our claims investigations, we look for additional evidence of past injuries, current employment and physical activities that are inconsistent with the reported injury. 

Medical Malpractice

An exaggerated physical injury and the excessive prayer for damages cost the medical industry billions of dollars each year. Our expertise in surveillance and claims investigations in obtaining useful evidence assists in uncovering fraudulent claims. 

Witness & Claimant Interviews

Our skill in observations and demeanor while interviewing witnesses and claimants is transcribed into success for our clients. We will give the impression of being very unengaged while we interview, while we are absorbing everything. Dirty finger nails, scuba tank in the corner, weight set, muddy work boots, tools in the bed of the pickup. Observation is critical, attitude is essential, positive results are inevitable.

Asset Searches

Does your claim or financial judgment have a cash value? We know that there our 7 ways to collect a debt and all asset searches are geared towards the ability to collect. We can perform various degrees of asset searches. We look for property nationwide, mortgages, vehicles, airplanes and boats. We also make note of liabilities that might offset the assets. We are thorough in our efforts and provide our clients with the evidence essential to make a sound financial decision.

Skip Tracing

We have repossessed collateral from every type of skip. Our skip tracers and investigators are impressive and among the best in the world. Our skill comes from over 10 years of hardcore skips, for major lenders. If your collateral exists, we will find it. 

Vehicle Repossessions

We will use our skill to quickly reunite you with your collateral. We work each repossession assignment with aggression and diligence. If your collateral exists, we will get it. We also understand the power of a writ of replevin and will diligently serve one upon any skip.

Collection Field Visits

Collection field visits is a growing investigative service offered by our firm. We are hired as investigator’s and represent ourselves as investigators, to the debtor. We explain that we have been retained to do an asset and liability search. We attempt to ask questions regarding bank accounts, business licenses, company assets, production and customers. We overtly take photographs of the premises. Our efforts work hand in hand with the collectors and we will emphasis the urgency that this matter be resolved immediately. This method has proven to be very successful in debt recovery, as well as, intelligence gathering for further civil action.

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